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Only five days left for Christmas, I’m finally almost done shopping! All I need are a few stocking stuffers and a few gifts left to buy before I can get started on the wrapping! The house is for the most part presentable because I had to get over my spring like cleaning aspirations because Olivia is teething and waking several times. What I do have done is all the Christmas decoration! Are you set up for Christmas day? Today we have another free Christmas printable in gold, black and white which will go with pretty much any decor! Scroll down to download.

Perfect to frame and gift to a teacher, hang in hallway and or bathroom or simply place on table to to liven it up! Click here to download.

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Stay tuned we have another free Christmas printable coming up before Friday!

Click on images below for more Christmas fun!

Gingerbread Oreo Cookies

Snowman Treats For Kids

Countdown the next five days with this adorable Christmas Countdown Printable!

I miss the cold weather up north so much! We do get a cold front once in a while and it drops down into 30’s, but it’s not very often that it happens. During Christmas it’s where I miss it the most and this year I wanted to make some wintery looking treats for the kids. Below are 17 snowman treats for kids that are perfect for the holidays!

Most of these are not only fun but super easy to make! Make them with the kids, bring them to a Holiday party or even gift any of these 17 snowman treats for kids in a homemade basket!

17 Snowman Treats For Kids

Snowman Popcorn Cups
Snowflake Filled Snowman 
Snowman Cupcakes
Snowman on a spoon
Snowman Treats
Snowman Brownie Bites
Marshmallow Snowmen
Snowman Donuts
Snowman Cupcakes
Melted Snowmen Biscuits
Chocolate Pretzel Snack
Candy Cane Snowmen
Snowman Treats
String Cheese Snowmen
Melting Snowmen Cheese Balls
Snowman Rice Krispy
Oreo Pops
Snowman Waffles

I’m sure most of you will get some type of snow and be able to make an actual snowman, but for those of you like me who miss it, enjoy the 17 snowman treats for kids! What are your favorite treats to make for your kids?

Click on images below for gift ideas a free Christmas Countdown printable!


5 Fun Girly Gifts Under $20

It’s finally December, so my tree is up and ready for Santa! We decided to buy a new tree and redecorate it differently this year, using some silver and gold ornaments and ribbons (I originally just draped the ribbon down the tree but quickly realized that it didn’t look right click here to see it) that my mom gave me. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but I’m so happy that I went with it because this is the nicest my tree has looked in a long time! It gave the tree a fancy touch that I never knew it needed. I did keep some of my ornaments, since not having the cutesy ornaments that the kids have made and gathered over the years just didn’t feel right. I figured that with their ornaments, along with the free Christmas countdown printable, the house will have that playful touch I wanted to keep.

Free Christmas Countdown Printable

Now that I’ve got my tree up and ready for Santa, I can now concentrate on the rest of the house. You guys know how much I love decorating with frames and printables, so for Christmas I’m framing this free Christmas countdown printable below. My tree has lots of gold, silver and red, so I love how the fresh blue will stand out. You can easily just use a dry erase marker to jot down the remaining days and then wipe it off when needed. **I keep a small pack of wipes so that the kids can easily wipe it down themselves instead of with their fingers like I know they would do.

Free Christmas Countdown Printable

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, framing a pretty printable is probably the quickest, most affordable way of changing up any rooms look. This free Christmas countdown printable is the perfect way to add a stylish touch to the exciting Christmas day countdown.

Free Christmas Countdown Printable
Let the countdown begin! Click here to download your free Days Until Christmas printable.

Click on image below to download the previous printable we featured.

Free Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art

Tracking PixelThank you CURAGO for sponsoring this post!

There’s something about the day after Thanksgiving where things suddenly feel more rushed and I’m always left scrambling to keep everyones schedule together. I’m sure most families are like this during the holidays, but my family is larger than the average and their age differences are spread out. I can go from giving my oldest a grocery list, to telling my 15 year old he can’t have sleepovers, to sending a toddler to his room for a timeout. This is all in-between working ful time. It gets crazy busy, and while it’s fun, it can often times become difficult to get everyone on the same schedule once the holiday season begins. How we stay organized during the Holidays has now become reliant on the technology that we all have so readily available, and use apps like CURAGO to help me manage my large brood!

How We Stay Organized During The Holidays

Wondering what exactly is CURAGO? CURAGO is a FREE lifesaver of an app that launched recently on November 14th. It helps keep your family organized and connected (you can all see and edit the same calendar, events and reminders or edit your settings accordingly) by providing a place for you and your family to get organized to meet the demands of a real life (click here to see it in action)! CURAGO, for example, has made my son William’s transition into the work force a lot easier. He just recently started working full time as he finishes school and with CURAGO, he can post his schedule for us to see so we can plan out our week accordingly. It became a lot smoother for both him, myself, and how we stay organized during the Holidays.That is simply priceless!

A few of my favorite CURAGO app features:

Personalize your home screen to your liking (I LOVE this option). I used my Christmas tree that we redid entirely this year.

How We Stay Organized During The Holidays

How We Stay Organized During The Holidays


View scheduled events

How We Stay Organized During The Holidays
Add family members.

How We Stay Organized During The HolidaysMake shopping lists. This is extremely helpful because I can make a list for myself and share with Franklyn and even the kids.

How We Stay Organized During The Holidays

CURAGO can easily work for any mom and focus entirely on what she has to do but, I  personally think it works better when you share it and your whole ‘tribe’ also uses it. Managing today’s family is no longer limited to just your spouse/partner and children. CURAGO was built to help organize your family’s activities and that’s exactly what I’ve needed for so long. I’ve added my parents, the occasional babysitter, and I’ve even temporarily added relatives when they visit from out of town. A large family is all I have ever wanted and I finally got it. Now, my goal is to keep us communicating and connected as much I possibly can.

How We Stay Organized During The Holidays

How We Stay Organized During the Holidays

In the next few months I have Christmas gifts to shop for, Holiday parties to attend, Williams graduation to celebrate, and a baby due as well, CURAGO will most definitely be the key to gathering everyone up and getting it done! Click here for more info on CURAGO and click here to download the FREE must have app now!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CURAGO. All opinions are my own.