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After six kids you’d think I’d have a solution for picky eaters but I don’t. Instead I’ve learned that it’s more import an tot teach them to make healthy decisions in the foods they eat and in the process have fun with it. For the most part this works with serving certain foods in creative ways but on days where we need a little more encouragement I turn to must have products like the ones below. Below are some Snack Time Fun & Favorites!

We’re a big family, so portability plays a huge part in my decision making process when I buy stuff for the kids. This Snack In The Box is the perfect way to turn fruits, vegetables or favorite cereals into snacks you can eat on the go, making healthy snacking options easier for everyone.

We’ve all seen and bought juice packs, obviously. Just about every kid loves them. Joseph loves the little box and straw, and I love that they also made Drink In The Box  possible for fruit infused water or just plain old water. I even used them a few times myself!

I’m always looking for way to introduce new foods to the kids. Even if they turn their nose up at it, we keep finding new ways to serve them in the hopes that the kids will discover and love something new! Last week, Joseph discovered his love for brown rice (weird, I know lol) and I was so excited to make him a variety of dishes with the brown rice. This Learning Resources Healthy Foods Magnetic Set allows kids to independently mix and match different healthy foods in a fun and visual way! Joseph was naming all of the different fruits and veggies, then adding different items to them. When we sat down to eat, he said “can I add the peas now?” I love it!

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Incorporate the classic breakfast favorites with the new game Pancake Pile Up (available at Target). My kids love seeing how high they could stack ‘em and it makes Joseph giggle when they crashed. It makes a great gift!

I pack just about everything but the kitchen sink when I go out with my little ones, so when I saw this Collapsible Bowl, I squealed with delight! These modern looking bowls are perfect for camping or when you’re out for dinner and want a give a small amount to the toddler (that’s what I used it for) and they’re small enough to stash in just about any bag!

Transtioning between a bottle and a sippy cup can often times be hard on kids, but in our case I found it was more of an obstacle between the sippy cup to a regular cup because it meant possibly making a mess just about anywhere Joseph went.The TOMY Mickey Mouse Sippy Cup (available at Walmart) is a game changer! So cute, easy to use, mess free and Joseph loves the big boy look of he cup.

Look mama no hands!

These are just a few of the times that made the entire month of February, which happens to be National Snack Food Month, a lot more fun and educational! How do you make snack time fun?

**Products were sent for review, but all opinions are my own.

Who’s excited to see the new Trolls movie? ME! That’s who! When I was little, I had a huge collection of Troll dolls and I’m so excited to see them on the big screen and be able to share it with my kids. So excited that I decided to share the Trolls Chocolate Pops recipe that perfect to make with your kids for today Halloween, a birthday party or just as a treat for any Trolls fan! See below for the easy to follow recipe featuring the super cute Trolls!

Trolls Chocolate Pops

Trolls Chocolate Pops

• Bright Pink Melting Chips
• Edible Glitter
• Flower Candy for Decorating
Items Needed:
• Tape
• Scissors
• Wax Paper
• Sucker sticks or wooden sticks

• Using your scissors, cut a square piece of wax paper that’s about 3×3 in size. Roll it into a cone with a small opening at the tip and tape it in place.

Trolls Chocolate Pops

• Melt your chips in a bowl in the microwave. (I got mine in the cake decorating aisle at Walmart.) It only takes a handful of chips to make 2-3 pops, depending on the size you make them. I made mine rather large.
• Stop and stir the chips about every 30 seconds until they are nice and creamy. Be careful to not overheat as they will stiffen and not work for the pops.
• As soon as the chocolate is ready, spoon it into your cone, being careful not to fill it too full.
• Roll down the top of the cone so it puts pressure on the chocolate.

Trolls Chocolate Pops
• Make whatever design you like on a piece of wax paper but make sure every bit of chocolate you squeeze out is touching each other.
• Quickly place your stick onto your sucker and squeeze some chocolate over the part of the stick that’s touching the sucker.

Trolls Chocolate Pops

• Quickly add your flowers and edible glitter and place on a flat surface in the fridge for a minute or two.
• Remove from fridge once dry and carefully remove from the paper with a flat object such as a spatula.

Trolls Chocolate Pops

Are you guys excited to see Trolls?

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Summer Learning Fun With My.Future

This post was sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

I, like most moms, worry about the amount of time my kids spend on their their smart phones, laptops and tablets. I try to encourage them to get out once a day and break a sweat, but I’m also very aware of how important them being technically savvy is and will continue to be in the future. Just like them, I grew up in a house where a computer was introduced to me at a very young age. My dad always had the latest in electronics and pushed me to learn the ins and outs of a computer (and later on coding, which has helped with both of my websites). My oldest, who can now easily put together a computer, has been navigating a desktop since he was three and now actively holds a job in the technological field. So when I say I get the importance of it I really do mean it and I’m actively witnessing it.

By 2018, jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are expected to grow twice as fast as any other types of jobs in the U.S. and the skills that my kids are acquiring while using electronics will be needed to compete in the global economy. The Boys & Girls Club of America, a leader in out-of-school learning for more than 150 years has created a new platform called My.Future that helps foster these very skills. Kids and teens who use My.Future can explore the topics that already interest them all while discovering new ones with STEM skills. They can learn how to build a build a blog, make a mobile movie and even learn the internal components of a PC to understand their functions. As they complete a My.Future project, they can even earn badges to show their progress.

My.Future delivers programs that spark the interests of kids and teens by encouraging them to explore topics that already interest them. There’s no better way to get kids involved! After six kids and trying varies ways to help broaden their interest in science and technology I’ve learned that it’s best to follow their lead and work from there and thats exactly what My.Furture is does. For more info visit myfuture.net.


This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received products to facilitate my review.

~ Summer Fun With SwimWays ~

Summer Fun With SwimWays

Did you know that National Learn To Swim Day is May 21st? I didn’t! You’d think that with 6 kids I’d know that there’s a day dedicated to learning how to swim, especially since I live in Florida, where it is so important to know how. All of my boys are decent swimmers and now we’re working on Joseph. He has yet to make the transition. If we hold him, he’s fearless and tries to jump out of our arms, but once you try and teach him, he hesitates. It’s products like those from SwimWays and the SwimWays Baby Spring Float that make summer fun with SwimWays and make the transition easier and safer. It is, after all, a life saving lesson that is extra important when you live in Florida, since it’s almost always pool or beach weather. It’s an essential skill that allows kids to have fun while staying safe.

Summer Fun With SwimWays
summer fun with swim ways
summer fun with swimways
summer fun with swimways

SwimWays actually started the National Learn to Swim Day in 2012. They’re a company that is dedicated to educating parents and children about water safety and the importance and benefits of learning to swim. The SwimWays Baby Spring Float is the single best float on the market today and for good reasons; It’s fun and easy to use and the SPF 50+ canopy feature is genius. It helps keep kids safe from the strong Florida sun rays, something that is exactly what Joseph needs because he has extremely sensitive skin.

SwimWays Swim Steps 3 level Program :

1. Introduction to water is all about keeping your baby safe, comfortable and balanced in SwimWays baby floats, just like the one Joseph is using above.

2. Toddlers love to be independent and Swim Step 2 is designed to work with kids who desire to explore with the perfect swimming aids like Swim vest, Swim Sweater and Swim Shorties.

3. Swim Step 3 products are like training wheels for the water. They make the final step in learning how to swim even more fun with their Power Swimmer Swim Trainers and the Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vests.

SwimWays has been teaching kids how to swim for over 40 years and I wish I had known about all these products sooner. This weekend we made our first step in transtioning Joseph into the pool with confidence and the SwimWays baby spring float made the process fun and easier for me to help Joseph yet still be able to balance baby Olivia (who’s next in line in a few short months) on my hip.

For more information, check out SwimWays at Toys R Us or visit TeachMeToSwim.com