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Tracking PixelIn just three short months, Olivia will be one. The following month we’ll be welcoming our second baby girl. I’m still shocked that I have one baby girl and it hasn’t quiet sunk in that I’ll soon be a mom of two girls! As soon as I had Olivia, I knew I’d want her to have a sister but I NEVER, not in a million years, would have thought it would actually happen. Now to be honest, I’m 100% realistic in knowing that having two babies in the house and a toddler (who’s still in diapers) will not be an easy or inexpensive feat. There’s three sets of diapers to buy, and Olivia will have just started to be weaned off her formula, but the cost will be replaced by our new baby girl. Luckily, I’ve been down this road before and there are a few steps I plan to take in order to reduce costs during those first few months. Below are a few ways I plan on budgeting for 3 kids under 3.

Budgeting For 3 Kids Under 3

Budgeting For 3 Kids Under 3Baby girl #2 at my 20 week scan.

Budgeting For 3 Kids Under 3

  1.  Start potty training early! I still have Joseph in diapers because he’s a little afraid of the whole process, but with Olivia I plan on getting a head start! She’s constantly watching us try and potty train Joseph so my guess is that she’ll be more comfortable with the process than Joseph is, since he’s brand new to it all. We have a pretty large bathroom and I’ve made it a priority of allowing Olivia to watch and even read books along with us while I try to ease Joseph into the whole potty training process. They both always have a ton of fun together, so I’m hoping that they will feed off of that vibe and speed the process up.
  2. Getting creative with hand me downs. All those clothes I bought for Olivia will be put to some really good use because we plan on using them all over again with baby girl number two! I’ll be buying her certain new things like special outfits and bibs, but other than that, I’ll be getting creative with the clothes we already have. That’s why I’m asking Santa for a new sewing machine this year! I’ll be using it to add fun embellishments like lace tutus and maybe even some patches to Olivia’s newborn onesies to give them a fresh fun look. For her dresses, I’m thinking I can add some new buttons or add some fabric to them to give it a new feel. I’m so excited to have fun with it!
  3. I already know that I’ll be formula feeding. This time I plan on trying Member’s Mark® Advantage® formula (similar to Similac Advance). While shopping at Sam’s Club (love that place) for diapers I noticed the significant price difference in the selection of formulas, so I asked Olivia’s pediatrician if there was a difference between the other pricier formual selection they had and I was assured that they were comparable.


I would have tried out this formula with Olivia when she was born but I never thought to look for an alternative or even knew that Sam’s Club had their own brand of formula for that matter.Member’s Mark® stage 1 formula is specially formulated for babies who are prone to fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity. PLUS the formal  has a unique blend of DHA, lutien, and vitamin E, that work together to support growth and development of baby’s eyes and brain. These nutrients along with the savings calculator that they offer will play a big part in making this exciting addition of another baby girl and budgeting for 3 kids under 3 a lot easier!

These three ways that I plan on budgeting for 3 Kids Under 3 is just a guide. For me, the most important thing is to enjoy them while they’re little because I know all too well how fast they grow up. Whether you have one new baby or a whole group of little ones like I will soon have, a budget is essential. How did you guys budget for a brand new baby? I’d love to hear all the tips and tricks!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Member’s Mark® Advantage® Infant Formula.

If you would have told me back when I was  trying to buy my first car that I would one day have six kids (soon to be 7) and be in the market for a new, bigger family vehicle, I would have thought you were crazy! It’s amazing how times have changed. I remember shopping for my first car, I was so overwhelmed and no idea where or how to even begin the process. My main concern was whether or not it had enough room to carry my frequent thrift shopping hauls, how many people I could comfortably fit in it (little did I know that I’d always need a lot of room, just not for friends or clothes) and whether or not it had a cd player. Yeah, it’s been that long! My needs were all vain and for fun, and I was clearly not ashamed to admit it!

my first car

I was lucky to found experienced car owners to answer my questions on what type of car would suit my needs and where and how to even get financed, but I was pretty young and just out of high school. I just wanted my first car to be brand new, so it wasn’t the easiest process to navigate. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to slow down and not rush the process because I ended with something that was totally wrong for me at the time. Capital One’s Auto Navigator program (the one I mentioned here) allows you to search cars from eligible dealers (over 12,000 dealerships) inventory and find out within minutes if you prequalify for autofinancing with no risk to your credit score. They’ll even give you an estimate of your monthly payment and APR on the car you choose. Keep in mind, this is without even stepping into a dealership! If I had this it would have made things go so much smoother and would have given me the knowledge and confidence I so desperately needed in the whole process, all without leaving my house!

my first car

Now, as a parent, the key to getting things done within a reasonable amount of time and schedule is reliant on my car. Not just for me, but for my kids, my business, for FUN and it has to be a vehicle that I can fully trust in getting us where we need to go safely. With number 7 due in April (we’re having another girl), our needs haven’t exactly changed they have just expanded beyond my wildest dreams! Two of my six kids are drivers themselves (and will be using Capital One Auto Navigator when it’s time for them to upgrade) and work full time, so it’s given me a little wiggle room, allowing me to focus a bit more on what I want versus focusing soley on having room. However, I also want to be able to have them all jump if I want them to. It’s not going to be a vanity buy like my first car was, but I’m confident that with the help of Capital Ones Auto Navigator site that I will find the right car, save time and this time, be stress free.

For all your car buying needs, click here!

Thank you Capital One’s Auto Navigator site for sponsoring this post!  **All content and opinions are my own.

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Chocolate Coconut & Pineapple Toast

I thought that with school being back in session and not having to do any driving anymore that my mornings would be a little more laid back. I could not have been more wrong. Now I have to get up earlier, work is busier than ever, and now that Olivia prefers to be on floor rolling around and playing with her toys, I’m literally on the run from the moment I open my eyes. My routine revolves around my kids and work, of course, but I make sure to make some time to sit down and enjoy a quick bite to eat my chocolate coconut & pineapple toast. Last year I would have grabbed a donut (or two) and kept on moving along but that wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I cut them out and had a hard boiled egg for breakfast every morning. I would boil them at night and then grab them on the go in the am. They’ve done their job, but I’ve been a bit bored with it.

Chocolate Coconut & Pineapple Toast

Last week LÄRA bar sent me their brand new LÄRA  Nut Butter and I knew it would be a game changer in my boring hard boiled egg breakfast routine. It was the perfect alternative to those sugary donuts I use to look forward to. I already love their LÄRA  bars and I’ve been known to have them everywhere, like in my car, my purse and just about anywhere I can quickly get my hands on them. I was super excited to give their nut butters a try.


The LÄRA  Nut Butters come in two AMAZING flavors – Chocolate Coconut (my favorite) and Banana Nut. Both flavors are just delicious and taste just as good as they look. So good, in fact, that I’ve found myself sticking a spoon in the jars several times a day and calling it a snack. Hey, whatever works, right? These decadent looking nut butters are available exclusively at Costco (NorthEast and Bay Area), so if you’re not a member then trust me, this is a good reason to join! See how I sweeten up my toast below!

Slice up your pineapple into small chunks.

Chocolate Coconut & Pineapple Toast

Spread your LÄRA Chocolate Coconut butter on your toast

Chocolate Coconut & Pineapple Toast

Top with pineapples.

Chocolate Coconut & Pineapple Toast

Sprinkle with cinnamon and you’re good to go!

Chocolate Coconut & Pineapple Toast

Now I may not have the time to whip up a fancy breakfast but these LÄRA  Nut Butters have given my chocolate coconut & pineapple toast life! Other pairings I’ve loved have been with strawberries (they seem to make their way into a lot of recipes lately click here to see one) and bananas. The possibilities are endless!

Chocolate Coconut & Pineapple Toast

I can’t wait to see what else I can use these butters with!

Looking for a fun, enjoyable breakfast option like my chocolate coconut & pineapple toast, that’s better for you? Give LÄRA  Nut Butters a try and thank me later!

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DIY Diaper Wreath

DIY Diaper Wreath

Before I had Olivia, my very first baby girl, I had a very “been there done that” attitude and thought everything would go smoothly. I didn’t really get too organized or prepare the house because I thought I can just wing it like I had always been doing. Boy was that a mistake! Everything ran smoothly the first week that Franklyn and my mom were around to help out,but the minute I was on my own with the kids and work everything began to come undone. I may know a lot about raising kids, but I’m still sort of new to the whole “work from home full-time with two babies” gig. It was right then and there that I did what I did best. I made a list and went shopping to stock up on Huggies Little Snugglers Plus that are only available at Costco.


I’ve tried a bunch of different diaper brands but each baby is different. Olivia’s skin is extremely sensitive and Huggies Little Snugglers Plus is designed to help keep baby’s skin clean and healthy. When you combine that with their Leak Lock  with up to 12 hours of protection, purchasing Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and Huggies Little Movers Plus (they also have them in sizes 3,4,5 and 6) from Costco is a win-win in quality and value!

One of the things I quickly learned as a working mom after having Jospeh and now Olivia is that you have to be prepared! In those first few months a simple way I kept my self prepared at hime was with a baby caddy small enough to put anywhere but big enough to hold diapers, wipes, a changing mat and extra set of clothes. When things got a little hectic while I worked, I simply reached for my caddy instead of running around and getting all the necessities. It saved me those precious minutes that every new mom needs! You can also go the cute route and make a DIY diaper wreath with Huggies Little Snugglers Plus. You’ll still have them handy and later on, you can use the wreath in the nursery. See DIY below!

DIY Diaper Wreath


Huggies Little Snugglers Plus
Wire wreath
Rubber bands
2 yards of fabric
1 yard of tulle ribbon

How to:

Start by taking a diaper and folding over the bottom inside of the wreaths wire.

DIY Diaper WreathDIY Diaper Wreath
Take a rubber band and secure diaper. Repeat these two steps all the around wreath.

DIY Diaper WreathCut fabric and tulle ribbon into 6 inch strips.

DIY Diaper Wreath

Tie fabric onto rubber band alternating with tulle ribbon strips.

DIY Diaper Wreath
Repeat process on all diapers.

If you look at the bottom of wreath, I created a bow out of three diapers. I simply took two diapers and placed them sideways on wire and secured both diapers with rubber band. Then I opened up a diaper and wrapped in the center of the two diapers to create a bow and secured with a rubber band as well. See visual below.


Finish off with some tulle ribbon on the bottom of bow and you’re DIY diaper wreath is done!

DIY Diaper Wreath

DIY Diaper Wreath

Now’s the time to stock up! Starting this month at Costco (the only place to get Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and Huggies Little Movers Plus), Little Snugglers Plus will be available in size newborn in select warehouses and online at Costco.com. And from 9/1 to 9/25 Little Snugglers Plus size 1&2 and Huggies Little Movers Plus in sizes 3-6. It will have a $6 discount and free shipping.