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So much has happened in 2016. While I could sit here and write about all the struggles Franklyn and I have gone through, I instead have decided to turn them into lessons I’ve learned in 2016. I’ve had to mentally block out the hard times and focus on the wonderful blessings we have had in between, like having our first girl, Olivia, and now expecting another girl! It wasn’t easy, but we came out stronger. I’m waiting for 2017 with arms wide open and a whole set of goals for me, our family, and my blog (and a new one coming soon)! Below are three things 2016 taught me.

I’ve alway hated planning and scheduling, and I have been lucky enough to be able to push through. and get things done. 2016 knocked me down a few times and taught me to be prepared. Planning, setting goals, and being prepared for the unexpected (good and bad) is now a priority for me. It took me a long time to realize that it’s what has been missing in my life. I thought living a life of order, well laid out plans and schedules was boring but it’s quite the opposite! Structure gives me the time I so desperately needed to get my business and family life balanced while including having fun time! I’m ready for 2017!

It’s okay to be tired. I’m the type person that likes to keep moving and get things done! The more to do the merrier! Sitting still or taking naps have always been (in my opinion) a waste of time. I wake up, go through my day, and drag out bedtime and try to get as much as I possibly can done. It’s just who I am, and it always worked for me until this year. 2016 has taught me that it’s okay to be tired and get some rest. One the three things 2016 taught me was that I can do anything, but not everything.

My number one biggest thing I learned this year: I’m going to have to bite the bullet and hire out some help. I’m VERY protective and particular in how I raise my kids. I’m not a helicopter mom by any means, but it’s very important to me that they grow up to be genuinely nice people and to be surrounded by adults that are positive influences in their lives. In other words, I never just hand off my kids to anyone that I don’t know very well, and if I do, it’s never for very long. They’re always by my side but with work having doubled (almost tripled) recently and showing no signs of slowing down, I’m going to have to hire out some help ASAP in order to continue on his path.  This is probably going to be the most difficult thing for me because I like to be hands on with everything that I do, but in the end I think everyone will benefit from it.

I’ll leave you with some Christmas pics of the kids. This was probably one of the best Christmases ever!

24 weeks today!

Three Things 2016 Taught Me

Olivia’s dress is from Baby Gap  & Ballerina Flats from Osh Kosh

These are the most important three things 2016 taught me. What has 2016 taught you?

Click on images below to see some of this years faves! Stay tuned we’ll be sharing more favorites through out the week.

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~ Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl ~

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

I’ve never really been into the whole “new year, new me” thing but this year since, I’m having mi primera baby girl (only 7 weeks left), it’s been motivating me into getting ready for the post-baby me. After I had Joseph I didn’t really throw myself into getting back into shape because I knew I wanted one more. This time I want to come back strong. It’s not only about losing weight for me, it’s about getting back to who I was. For the past three years it’s been all about babies, work, and trying to make sure my older kids (who are also very busy) were involved throughout the whole process. It’s worked out great. I finally got my little girl, my other five boys are so sweet, and their totally involved in their whole big brother roles, but now it’s time for me start making changes.

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

I started off this new year with my traditional limpieza and cleaned the house from top to bottom to ring in the new year. Everyone in my familia has always done this in order to empesar el ano nuevo on a clean slate. After the major limpieza I also went to my local Walmart and bought myself a few items to help start the year off right. One of the first things I bought myself was the new V8 Healthy Green Drink . After I have the baby, I plan on replacing my morning coffee with V8’s new Healthy green drink with NO SUGAR ADDED (Each 8oz. serving is 60 calories or less with no sugar added and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives). It contains spinach puree, yellow carrot juice concentrate, cucumber juice concentrate, celery juice concentrate, kale juice, romaine lettuce juice, and green bell pepper juice. When you first look at the juice drink you will assume that it taste like straight up veggies but the splash of apple and pineapple juice give it the perfect amount of sweetness that you can smell as soon as you open the the bottle of juice.

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

The other flavor I snagged from V8’s amazing juice drink selection was Golden Goodness. This one is for my hubby. They’re so delicious that I’ve been able to swap out his traditional cafe con leche that he has with pan con mantequilla and added the V8 Goldne Goodness (hey it’s a start). I love that I’m able to go food shopping at Walmart  and be able to fill my families needs in both a convenient and healthy way. To me that’s a great start para el an nuevo.

To keep the momentum going I even took it a step further and made myself a little dish from the V8 bottle itself. I will keep little treats that I get to pick out whenever I’ve kept up with my goals, whether it’s working out more or drinking my V8 Healthy Green drink every morning. Every little bit counts and I plan on paying myself back with treats like a mani, chocolate, some new music, or my personal favorite, a new book! Below are the super easy steps to make my glitter treat dish that you can make for yourself or for the whole family.

Glitter Bowl


Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

Adhesive Spray
Shoe Box
Bottle of V8 Healthy Greens

How to:
Measure from the bottom up and make a cut at the top of the ridges.

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

Remove label and then poke scissors through an cut. **Don’t worry about the cut being perfect the glitter will deflect any rough edges.
Spray adhesive glue

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

Cover in glitter

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

Set aside to dry.

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

When glitter is dry you can fill with rewards.

Making Changes With V8 + DIY Glitter Bowl

**All supplies were easily found at Walmart during my ano nuevo food shopping trip.

V8 heathy Blends

Have you tried the new V8 Veggie Blends juice drink? Which blend is your favorite?