Make Chores Fun & Educational With BusyKid App

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The kids have been on their summer break now for almost a month! The days are officially long, hot, and, if it were up to my kids, they’d spend it all day sleeping. I’ve never been too organized with chores, so I’m always randomly asking for help when I need it. Although, as they get older, it also becomes rougher to get them to help with chores. Scroll down to read on how to make chores fun and educational with the BusyKid App.

Make Chores Fun & Educational With BusyKid App

As the old saying goes, “money talks”! I’ve decided to add an allowance to encourage the kids to get more eager to help. We’ve also started using the BusyKid App that I can use to easily assign the kids chores list with and even pay them their allowance. The kids can be hands-on and learn to manage their earning through either a tablet, smart phone, or a computer.

The BusyKid App  is available on your iOS or Android device and you can enroll your entire family for only $14.95. **The first 30 days are FREE!

Make Chores Fun & Educational With BusyKid App

BusyKid gives you suggestions for kids chores by age (between 5-17), and then you can assign them a day and the amount you want to pay for each chore! When chores are completed, kids can check them off and get paid (schedule what day via the app). **Parental approval is required before pay out.

My favorite feature:

BusyKid has partnered with Stockpile and is the only app where kids have the option to spend their allowance on fractional shares of real stock! Or they can make a direct donation to several charities. They can also choose to use BusyKid points (or a reloadable debit card for $5 per year) for in-store or online purchases. I love that they get to make the decision on how they choose to spend, donate, or invest!

Kids are expected to help out around the house, but it’s time to stop thinking of an allowance the old-fashioned way and start looking at it as part of their education. Kids need hands-on experiences when it comes to earning and managing money, and if they don’t get it from you, they won’t get it.

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See below for the impressive statistics of families utilizing BusyKid App .

200,000+ completed chores
$91,000 paid in bonuses
$101,000 allowances earned
$33,000 loaded on BusyKid spend cards


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