Five Tips For Traveling With Kids

This post is sponsored by CareNow and SHE Media. Traveling with your family can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, there are easy ways to make travel go smoothly. Below are a few of my tips for traveling with kids. I’ve never actually traveled overseas with any of my kids, but we have flown […]

Hatching Chick Easter Craft

Creating fun crafts together is a great way to celebrate a holiday with your kids. And this adorable hatching chick Easter craft is perfect for Easter. Hatching Chick Easter CraftIt combines a cute holiday tradition – eggs – with an adorable symbol of the season, a baby chick. And the […]

Paper Plate Bunny Craft

Are you kids eagerly awaiting the Easter bunny? This easy to make Paper Plate Bunny Craft is a fun Easter craft for the kids! Lauren’s Birthday is right before Easter. She’ll be turning two and enjoys participating in games & crafts with her older brother and sister. This year we’ll […]

Spring gift basket ideas

These fun Spring gift basket ideas are perfect for Easter! Scroll down for the colorful selection that encourages imaginative play! I love to fill the kids Easter baskets with other things besides sweets. Below is a mix of fun spring gift basket ideas that can be played both inside and […]

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