DIY Indoor Herb Garden

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This easy DIY indoor herb garden is a fun and simple way to keep fresh herbs handy in your kitchen at all times! Scroll down for the easy tutorial.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a green thumb. I don’t garden and I don’t have many house plants since I tend to kill them on accident.  – DIY Indoor Herb GardenDIY Indoor Herb Garden

This indoor herb garden is something I’ve always wanted to make so that I could have easier access to fresh herbs right in my kitchen! Whipping up healthy meals has become something I look forward to and this herb garden will be handy. Plus, it looks great in the kitchen!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden

I promised myself that I would have this DIY herb garden completed by summer, which is the perfect time to make fresh salads for myself. To make this DIY herb garden look even prettier in my kitchen, I took an old sheet pan and added handles to it. This will make it easy for me to keep the herb garden contained and it will be easy to move the mason jars around.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden

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DIY Indoor Herb Garden

This foaming hand soap is tough on dirt and bacteria, and it’s mild enough for frequent use! Bonus, the natural and refreshing scent of spring water will leave your skin smelling clean and feeling fresh!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden

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 How to make your own herb garden

To make this DIY herb garden you’ll need:

  1. Glass jars
  2. Your favorite herbs **make sure they don’t require direct sunlight.
  3. Sheet pan
  4. Handles
  5. Drill

Instructions: Measure where you want your handles on the sheet pan.

Drill a hole and screw in bolts with a screwdriver.

*If handles will only be used for decoration, you can simply glue on the handles.

Herbs: Fill a mason jar with a handful of stones. This help keeps the roots from rotting.

Add potting soil. *Leave about 2-3 inches up top for plants.

Take your herbs out of the containers, break off the soil, and loosen the roots.

Place herbs in a jar and pat down so that the root of the plant gets mixed with the soil. Label your jars with the name of the herbs using chalkboard stickers.

We have lots of other crafts and outdoor activities planned for this summer, but with a little help from Dial®, I can still keep my family squeaky clean!

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