Five Ways To Save Money On Prescriptions

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Five Ways To Save Money Prescriptions

It’s no secret that prescription prices are only getting higher, and having insurance doesn’t mean you’re getting the lowest prices either. Scroll down for a few easy ways to save on prescriptions.

One of the biggest reasons to change the way we eat is because Franklyn and I are both riddled with allergies. I’m prone to bronchial asthma when I get sick or around certain triggers, while Franklyn has a long list of dangerous food allergies.

Unfortunately, all of our kids were handed down these traits in one way or another. Two of my older boys are asthmatic like me, and Olivia is allergic to what feels like everything!

To say it’s costly to manage these issues is a huge understatement. There are specific foods and medications that are required on a constant basis – a common household issue that affects many. Thankfully, I have learned some ways to help save cost along the way and today I’m sharing a few top tips.


1. Follow Up With Doctor – Keeping asthma, or any health issue for that matter, under control is not only important for your long term health but it can help keep symptoms at bay which in return could help you save money on prescriptions.

2. Shop around for the best price –  An easy way to put the control (and money) back in your hands is by using a website AND app that gives you access to prescription pricing information and helps you find the best price on your medication whether you have insurance or not!

Five Ways To Save Money On Prescriptions

Visit to start saving on your prescriptions.

Did you know Pharmacy prices for the same medications vary widely, and that insurance isn’t always your best option? I’ll admit it, I had no clue until I actually researched prices!  Thankfully you won’t have to do all the researching I did, because RxSaver is here to give you control over what you pay for your prescriptions! Give it a try below!

RxSaver doesn’t even require a membership or any personal information. All you do is enter a drug name, choose the best price and the exact location that’s nearest you! It’s easy peasy and actually pretty genius if you ask me! **Actual savings amount are based on pharmacy cash price. Click here for more info.

Benefits of using

  • Easily access prescription pricing information
  • Compare prices at nearby pharmacies
  • Save up to 80% at pharmacies nationwide
  • Coupons for thousands of medications
  • Accepted at thousands of pharmacies nationwide

Tip: If you’re renewing prescription on a monthly basis its best to check prices beforehand. This is an easy way to be fully aware of all your pricing options nearby and it only take s a few seconds to check!

3. Ask for generics – I learned this one the hard way! When I had my first baby that was asthmatic, I never questioned whether there was a cheaper option and alway pended up paying full price! Reminder: Just because it’s generic doesn’t mean you’re getting the best price! Make sure you always check RxSaver for the best price!

4. Seek samples – This isn’t exactly a long term plan, but everything helps. Doctors almost always have samples readily available for their patients. Don’t be afraid to ask for them and put them to use!

5. Last, but most certainly not least, get proactive! Doctors and medicine will only get you so far. When my boys were little, I went to countless appointments and tried a dozen different medicines. It wasn’t until I took them to an allergist and figured out what exactly was exasperating their asthma did we really get it under control. We learned what to avoid! And this combined with medication and regular doctor visits is when we finally got long lasting results.

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Five Ways To Save Money Prescriptions

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