DIY Zebra Sensory Bin

This fun zebra sensory bin will keep preschoolers entertained and it can easily be put together with just a few supplies.

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin

I’ve come across a ton of cute sensory bin ideas, and if it were up to me I’d try and make them all! This zebra sensory bin in particular is a great way to help preschoolers develop fine motor skills. Read other fun ways to to teach important skills at home through playtime!

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin

Toddlers can rummage through beans for the zebra’s strips while preschoolers can help stick on stripes. Best of all? You can easily customize it with different sensory bin fillers! Try a favorite animal, or using other fun textures like rice!

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin


DIY Zebra Sensory Bin

Dry White Beans- 1 pound
Dry Black Beans 1/3 pound
Zebra Figurine
White Horse Figurine
Black Marker
White Adhesive Labels
Foam Stickers- Black
A small bin with a lid


Pour the white beans into the bin

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin
Draw black stripes on to the adhesive labels.**Keep in mind that small hands will be peeling them.

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin
Hide the stripes in the white beans!

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin
Carefully make stripes with the black beans; I used two of my labels to control where my beans were placed.

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin
Place the black foam stickers in the stripes of the bin.

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin
Add a zebra and a white horse figurine to the bin.

DIY Zebra Sensory Bin
Invite your child to explore the bin. As the discover the stripes hidden in the beans, allow them to give the horse toy zebra stripes!

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DIY Zebra Sensory Bin

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