Kevel Mommy Review – A Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Must Have!

~ Kevel Mommy Review – A Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Must Have! ~

Pregnancy clothes nowadays can be hit or miss. You’ll find some stylish but pricey, affordable but cheap quality but the bottom line is being comfy and getting the most out of every dollar you spend is always the most important because you’re only going to be wearing them for nine months. Its products like Kevel Mommy that does exactly that, it maximizes the clothes you have without sacrificing a bit of comfort. Kevel Mommy is a small, mighty device that safely secures your zipper AND expands your waistline for the beginning stages, post- pregnancy and anyone who has a pair of pants that are snug or even just have a zipper that won’t cooperate, it’s handy to have in hand pregnant or not.

Kevel Mommy

This fashion break-through was designed by Rachel Kearl, the design was born out of her own frustration over no longer fitting into her favorite designer jeans. After experimenting with a hair tie to give her a little extra room in those slightly snug faves, the idea morphed and progressed into a more effective prototype and the ultimate fashion savior—Kevel’s Perfect Fit—made its debut. Today, because one size doesn’t fit all, Kevel has developed three versions of its original design to help battle those sneaky “shrinking” waistbands, including Kevel Mommy .

Kevel Mommy Review - A Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Must Have!

I’ve seen tons of pregnant women use the old hair band trick on their pants, but are left struggling with the zipper. This eliminates all the fuss and does all the work during pregnancy and after pregnancy on those days where you feel like you can’t find a thing to wear. It’s a household must for under $20 and it comes with a few to ensure you’ll always have the right fit.

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