20 Delicious Pizza Recipes for National Pizza Day

Did you know that today is National Pizza Day? I sure didn’t until one of my kids told me that there was a National Day to celebrate his favorite food. I find it sort of odd that most people don’t even know theres an actual day to celebrate pizza! We normally have pizza on the weekends but it’s fun to break away from routine and I know the kid won’t mind one bit! To celebrate I decided to share these 20 delicious pizza recipes for National Pizza Day

20 Delicious Pizza Recipes for National Pizza Day

Not looking to have an actual slice of pizza? No problem! In this round up (click here to see last weeks) of 20 delicious pizza recipes for National Pizza Day  you’ll find you’ll find recipes for pizza spaghetti bake, pepperoni pizza quesadilla, and even a pizza chili! With these 20 delicious pizza recipes for National Pizza Day you’ll have many ways you can deliciously  celebrate National Pizza Day! I personally want to give pizza toast a try!

  1. Pizza Toast
  2. Pizza Dough
  3. Pizza Chili
  4. Chicken Alfredo Pizza
  5. Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla
  6. Bubble Pizza
  7. Pizza Bites
  8. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
  9. Pizza Cake
  10. Pizza Spaghetti Bake
  11. Pizza Cone
  12. Tortilla Pizza
  13. Cheesy Breadsticks
  14. Pizza Bread
  15. Pizza Quesadillas
  16. Pizza Pull Apart Sliders
  17. Pepperoni Pizza Bread
  18. Healthy BBQ Chicken Pizza
  19. Hawaiian Pizza Bread
  20. Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread

How do you plan on celebrating National Pizza Day?


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