20 Yummy Trail Mix Recipes

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I’m the type of person of who goes too long without eating but it also leaves me cranky, weak and craving foods that I wouldn’t normally eat. Recently I’ve started carrying around snacks  and my favorite one are easy to make trail mixes just like these 20 yummy trail mix recipes below. I especially love that trail mixes are perfect for on the go snacking and can be made in a ton of different ways! Check out these 20 yummy trail mix recipes below.

20 Yummy Trail Mix Recipes

20 yummy trail mix recipes

  1. Rainbow Trail Mix
  2. Lemon Lime Trail Mix
  3. Chocolate Cranberry Mix
  4. S’mores Trail Mix
  5. Energy Boosting Trail Mix
  6. Animal Cookie Trail Mix
  7. Sweet and salty Trail Mix
  8. Trail Mix Muddy buddies
  9. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Mix
  10. Ranch Mix
  11. Italian Parmesan
  12. Cajun Trail Mix
  13. Nut Free
  14. Caramel Cinnamon Mix
  15. Cajun Trail mix
  16. White Chocolate Mix
  17. Zesty Cheese Mix
  18. Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix
  19. Pantry Popcorn Mix

All of the 20 yummy trail mix recipes  above are really perfect to pack in lunch boxes, set out for guest they’re all easy enough for kids to help make. Make now and store in Mason Jar, reusable sandwich bag  or you can even box them and give out as gift. Do you guys buy or make your trail mix?

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