Lauren Mila’s Birth Story

It’s not until today where I had a chance to sit down and post Lauren Mila’s birth story (read Olivia’s here). The past two weeks have been a mixture of so much joy, and love that we haven’t really been focusing on any routines but that goes along with adjusting to life with a newborn, a […]

Classic Tuna Pasta Salad

Sometimes the best recipes are the classic ones that you can easily make with ingredients that you all normally have in the pantry. This weekend, after a LONG two weeks of battling the flu, Franklyn and I were just too tired to muster up the strength to do any grocery shopping. We decided to whip […]

Three Things 2016 Taught Me

  So much has happened in 2016. While I could sit here and write about all the struggles Franklyn and I have gone through, I instead have decided to turn them into lessons I’ve learned in 2016. I’ve had to mentally block out the hard times and focus on the wonderful blessings we have had […]