25 Recipes using Sriracha

Sriracha can offer a tangy-sweet and spicy kick to a variety of meals. Here are some of my favorite recipes that Sriracha bodes well with.

25 Recipes using Sriracha

In the past, spice was one of the most expensive and sought after commodity in the world. People wanted spice so badly that countries fought wars because of its massive profit. Nowadays, you could buy a bottle of Sriracha for just a few bucks; in other words, the world is your oyster… served with some Sriracha, perhaps?

25 Recipes using Sriracha

I love how versatile sriracha is and while we often drizzle sriracha on our food and veggies it also works deliciously in recipes as well! You can add toss your past with it, coat salmon or even add it to casseroles!

25 Recipes using Sriracha

Zesty Sriracha Shrimp and Quinoa

Grilled Lemon Sriracha Shrimp

Easy Sriracha Ham (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Aged Gouda and Sriracha and Mac & Cheese

Slow Cooker Sriracha Pork Tenderloin

Instant pot Honey Sriracha Chicken

Blackened Fish Tacos With Mango Salsa & Sriracha Aioli 

Sriracha Avocado Chickpea Salad

Sriracha Chicken Bacon Ranch Skewers

Honey Sriracha Kielbasa Bites

Spicy Red Sriracha Quinoa

Easy Honey Sriracha  Salmon

Sriracha Ranch Popcorn Shrimp Sliders

Ranch Black Bean Taco With Sriracha

Cheddar Sriracha Cheese Ball

Maple Sriracha Stir Fry

Spicy Tuna Roll Bowl 

Honey Sriracha Zoodle Bowls

Sriracha Beef Vegetable Rice Bowls

Beer Battered Fish Pizza + Honey Sriracha Cole Slaw

Spicy Garlic Burger Spread

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25 Recipes using Sriracha

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