Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries

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Only four more days and my house will be in full back to school mode! Not much will change for me since I will still have my three little ones at home but when you take even one kid out of the equation, it seems a lot more quiet. Everything is ready including the fridge and pantry, that are loaded up with my kids favorites snacks and foods for after school and busy school night dinners. I remember when I was living in NY and after school, my mom would stop at a bodega blasting merengue and  she would hand me a few dollars to buy a drink, a snack and, on special occasions, we’d sit and have a slice of pizza. Lots of good memories when I think back of NY. Scroll down for my easy to make cheesy yuca fries recipe.

Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries

Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries

I may not be living in NY but our reality is pretty cool considering we live in sunny Florida and even though we don’t have a pizzeria within walking distance or a lively bodega blasting music, we do have a pool that can be used almost 365 days a year. For after school (or dinner), I get my kids Hot Pockets® Sandwiches (my kids love the pepperoni pizza) and Nestlé products  (all bought at Walmart) like La Lechera (you can also find Nestlé La Lechera in an easy-to-use squeezable bottle) and Outshine Bars for a treat of real fruits, veggies and juice. You can check out the Nestlé’s Back to School Product Shelf on Walmart.com

Hot Pockets are the perfect time-saving solutions to pair with balanced school snacks or lunches. I’ve been buying them for my kids for years! Hot Pockets are made with quality ingredients, such as protein from quality cuts of meat and 100% real cheese. They’re also easy to make and grab on the go and on nights where we’re especially busy, I’ve even made Hot Pockets for dinner and added another favorite side dish: cheesy yuca fries topped with caramelized onions.


Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries

I try not to let the business of our lives interfere with dinner, as it is my personal favorite time of the day, and if I’m able to quickly take Hot Pockets® Sandwiches and add a personal side dish like my easy to make cheesy yuca fries with caramelized onions into a complete balanced meal or snack then that, in my book, is a win win! If you like potatoes you’ll LOVE yuca! They’re a delicious vegetable that taste very similar to potatoes and is a great alternative to mashed potatoes, home fries (yummy con un huevo frito con salami) and in this case fries.  Check out my easy to make cheesy yuca fries below.

Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries


2 large yucas
4 tablespoons of garlic powder
Baking soda
Salt and pepper
1 large vidalia onion


Boil yuca until you can easily pierce it with a fork. Remove skin.
Melt 1/4 cup of butter in bowl and add garlic.
Soak yuca in melted butter and garlic. **The longer you let it soak the yummier they will be!
Cut into French fries.
Fry yuca fries until they’re a light golden brown.

Quickly Caramelize Onions:

Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries
Heat skillet on medium heat.
Add oil, 2 teaspoon of butter and heat until oil and butter are simmering. Add onions and a pinch of baking soda (a trick my mom taught me many years ago.
Cook for about 10 minutes. **Make sure to stir constantly.
Add salt and stir.

Top your yuca fries with onions and queso fresco. **Will also work with shredded cheddar cheese or even mozzarella cheese.

Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries

Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries

When you pair a side dish like my easy to make cheesy yuca fries topped with caramelized onions and favorites like Hot Pockets® Sandwiches you have an easy snack or even meal. That’s exactly what busy moms like me look for on busy back to school nights.

Easy To Make Cheesy Yuca Fries

Moms, what are some of your favorite back to school dishes?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I tried yucca fries for the first time a few no the ago and they are delicious! I’ll have to attempt to make them myself!

  2. Hot pockets were a go to snack for my daughter was well. I would love to try yuca fries. I’ll look to see if we have that here in Missouri!

  3. Yum these look really good. I’d never heard of these before, but I think I will have to try these I am sure my husband would love them!

  4. I love yuca fries. I tried to make them once but they didn’t turn out so well. Not sure what I did wrong, but I’m excited to have such a great recipe to help me make them right this time.

  5. These fries look so good! We’re in the middle of getting our home ready to sell this week and easy meals are on my radar! I’ll definitely add this to the lineup.

  6. Those yuca fries looks so good! (Although you could put caramelized onions on cardboard and it would taste good, right? We don’t eat many Hot Pockets, but my kids really love the breakfasty ones as a special treat. Outshine Bars though – all the time. (Like half an hour ago!)

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