Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

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With the end of summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to start saving up for next years travel plans! This easy Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft is a fun way to get the whole family in on saving up for a new trip!

Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

Traveling with my little ones is something I’d like to start doing more often. Whether it’s a long road trip a trip to Disney or my dream vacation to Europe, I want to see it all with the kids!

Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

Why make a travel fund mason jar?

Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

A DIY travel jar is a great way to get everyone in on the planning and saving for a family trip!  This mason jar craft is easy enough for everyone including the kids to help make. This is also a great way to encourage kids to save their money and contribute to something the whole family will get to achieve and enjoy together!

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How To Make Your Jar


Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

-Mason Jar – Any jar will also work
-Scrapbook Paper of a Map
-Plain Color of paper that matches the map
-Gold Lettering
-Hole Punch
-Hot Glue Gun


1. Cut a rectangle shape from the map paper. Take the plain paper and cut out a small tag. Write the words Adventure Awaits on the tag. You can use stickers or use a Marker.

2. Wrap around the map and glue on to the jar.

3. Wrap twine/yarn around the neck of the jar and tie off.

4. Punch a hole in the tag and attach to the jar with twine.

5. Add money and start saving up for your next adventure!!

Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

Can the travel fund mason jar craft be customized?

Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

You most definitely can! This mason jar craft can also be easily customized by swapping out the map for other fun scrapbook paper, pictures or magazine clippings! Ideas: saving for a new game system, Christmas road trip, or you can even use it to save up and donate to a local charity. The possibilities are endless!

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Travel Fund Mason Jar Craft

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