DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

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I’ve always loved pine cones, especially during the holidays. During the fall I buy the cinnamon scented cones and place them in wicker baskets through out the house and for Christmas, we sometimes use them as ornaments. This season, I decide to give the pine cones a glittery makeover a litte early, and place them in glass bowls on our table for Thanksgiving. Then afterwards, I will hang them on our tree. See the easy to make tutorial below.

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments


DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

5-6 decorative cinnamon scented pine cones

White glue

White iridescent glitter

Red and white twine


Tie a strand of twine around the bottom of the pine cone.

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

Using paper plates, fill one with glue and one with glitter.

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

Dip the pinecone first in the glue, then in the glitter, rolling it around to cover all of the ends.

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

Let it dry.

Place glitter pinecones in a glass bowl or hang the pine cones on your tree.

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

These glitter pine cones are super easy to make that even the kids can help make them and they’re pretty enough to bag and give as gifts to friends and family

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  1. Alecia says

    I love hanging cinnamon apple sauce ornaments in the tree to add a spiced scent. I never thought about using cinnamon pine cones instead

  2. Amy says

    I adore this simple and easy craft! My son has been collecting pine cones for weeks and it was driving me crazy! Now this gives me an ideas to decorate them all for the tree! Plus they are sparkly-which is my fave!

  3. Bree says

    They came out very pretty! I used to make pine cone ornaments when I was a kid. I’m going to have to try this with my daughter! I’m sure she’d have a lot of fun.

  4. Monica (NYCTechMommy) says

    I love pine cone ornaments. I used to make them with my students every year and this post reminds me that I’ve never done it with my own kiddos. My daughter and son would have lots of fun helping decorate these. I guess we will be making some pine cone ornaments this year!

  5. Emily says

    I love this ornament! I love to craft and make Christmas decorations, and this one is easy enough for my kids to help out with! I like to add nature inspired elements to my home and these are perfect.

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