Joseph’s First Easter Basket

First Easter basket

Am I the only that thinks those pre-made Easter baskets are boring? I couldn’t find one that was suitable for Joseph so I bought a wicker basket that I plan reusing later on in his room and filled it with some stuff I knew he’d love.

First Easter basket

I bought this chalk board stake at target for only a dollar and wrote Josephs name with cool chalk ink pens that I ended up giving to Robert who loves to dry and do crafts. They write on glass or chalk boards just like a pen and can be easily erased with a little water. Loved them!

first easter basket

first easter basket

I didn’t make the boys Easter baskets but they’ll definitely be hunting for eggs. To make the hunt a little more fun we’re going use Hoppy Paw prints along the paths! It’s so cute and super easy to use. All you need to do is dip the paws in some chalk and press down.

first easter basket

first easter basket

first easter basket

Chalk Steak & Bunny Ears via Target | Wicker Basket, Ball & Plastic Eggs via Dollar General | Rubber Ducky, Chic and Stuffed Peep via Walmart | | Sippy Cup via Nuk


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    You got him a lot of great stuff! I got my kids mostly toys as well – and one chocolate bunny!

  2. LyndaS says

    Premade baskets can be nice, but often they miss the mark. Those paw prints are cute and would be so nice helping little ones find eggs. Great idea!

  3. Crystal says

    How cute! Everything is so much sweeter when it’s the first time. I hope he enjoys all of the wonderful treats and surprises.

  4. Valerie Remy-Milora says

    What a super sweet Easter basket and how exciting for your little one! My baby will be turning 8 on Friday but she still giggles and squeals when she discovers all the treats that fill her basket.

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