Quilled Heart Frame

This beautiful and easy to make quilled heart photo frame for Valentines Day is a great DIY gift idea! Scroll down for the handy printable for the stand up frame below!

Quilled Heart Frame

Isn’t it pretty!

Quilled Heart Frame

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day craft to make with the kids? This quilled heart frame is perfect to gift loved ones!

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Quilled Heart Frame

List of Supplies for the frame:

Craft foam board
X-acto knife
Craft glue
List of Supplies for decorating the frame:
Quilling paper strips
Slotted quilling tool
Craft glue


Step -1:
Print and cut out the template patterns. Grab the craft foam board and trace the patterns on it. Use the ruler to make sure that the measurements are accurate.

Quilled Heart Frame

Use pencil to trace the patterns and x-acto knife to cut out the traced patterns. The frame has 3 parts – back, middle and front.

Quilled Heart Frame

Step -2:
Take the back side of the frame and place it on a flat surface. Stick the middle parts (bottom, left and right) of the frame on the back part.

Quilled Heart Frame

The longest part among the middle parts will go along the bottom side of the frame’s back side. Attach the 2 other parts on 2 sides (left and right) of the frame’s back side.

Quilled Heart Frame

Step – 3:
Now carefully attach the front part, making sure to match all 4 sides with the bottom and middle parts.

Quilled Heart Frame
Step – 4:
Grab a bunch of quilling strips; you will need a lot of them! Use the slotted quilling tool to create loose coils with the strip. Press the loose coil on any one side to form a teardrop shape.

Quilled Heart Frame

Apply glue to secure the open end. Similarly, create another teardrop shape by using another strip of the same size and color.

Quilled Heart Frame
Step – 5:
Take the 2 teardrop shape created in the previous step. Glue the shapes side by side to form a basic heart shape.

Quilled Heart Frame

Step – 6:
Similarly create more quilled heart shapes. I made 14 quilled heart shapes to fill my pattern.

Step – 7:
All items ready? Grab the frame and the quilled hearts and let’s decorate the frame!

Step – 8:
Start to glue the hearts on the front side of the frame. I started to glue the quilled hearts from one side.

Quilled Heart Frame

Step – 9 and 10:
Continue to glue the quilled hearts until the frame is filled.

Quilled Heart Frame

Step – 11:
If you want to fill the small gaps between the quilled hearts you can use small loose coils.

Step – 12:
Make the photo frame stand out of craft foam board and attach it on the back side of the frame. Allow the glue to dry. Lay the frame flat until the glue is dried.

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Quilled Heart Frame

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Click here to download template seen below.

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